Quality and environment

In the area of quality we meet all requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001. We pay great attention to the training of our staff - both in production and administration. This is related to the quality of products and machine care. Our materials have undergone many tests by accredited laboratories.

In the environmental area we meet all the requirements according EN ISO 14001 and other relevant legislation. Although we use substances and mixtures that do not pose a serious threat to health and the environment, we adhere to high standards to ensure the safety and health protection for our workers as well as for environmental protection.

Continuous improvement of our validated procedures to prevent accidents and to ensure the risks prevention is a natural activity of our company. We also aim to reduce consumption of resources and the environmental impact arising from our products and processes. Waste prevention and thorough sorting of waste is another aspect of our ongoing standard. We sort waste from textile fibers, plastics, paper, electronic waste, hazardous waste, iron and steel.

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ISO 9001, 14001