In our factory located in the city of Decin we produce technical wool felt and nonwovens. We are the only manufacturer of 100% wool felt in the Czech Republic with more than 130 years of tradition. Founded in 1879 our company has specialised in the production of felt sheets, felt discs and custom shaped felt parts.

Thanks to its unique properties, felt is used in engineering and construction as sealing and insulating material, for grinding and polishing, application of liquids, cleaning and lubrication, etc. Felt can also be used for decorative purposes and design.

Nonwovens are produced from synthetic and natural fibers and recycled materials. Thermally bonded, needlepunched and filter materials can be provided in rolls or processed according to the respective application to the final shaped products.

Our products are widely used in many industries. For example, thermally bonded fabric STRUTO is supplied to the automotive industry since 1992. We are the only manufacturer of filter material FIRON, to which we own the trademark. Firon is produced in rolls and can also possibly be further customized. It is used as an air filter for the air conditioning and heating systems of industrial enterprises and vehicles.