filter materials

Patented filter material FIRON consists of a specified amount of thin layers
of polyester fibers with different fineness and binder. The layers are bonded together
using a heat during the manufacturing proces. This material has a flame treatment and
is designed for filtration of air or gases from dusty impurities in temperature range from -50 °C to +120 °C.

FIRON belongs to filter class G4 with holding capacity up to 535 g/m2 according to EN 779
and can also be used as a prefilter for filtration classes M6 to F9.


  • ventilation and air conditioning devices (effective against pollen)
  • heating and ventilation systems of industrial enterprises
  • filtration in vehicles, garages and department stores
  • air covering in sports halls
  • paint and spray cabins
  • cupboard hoods
  • photovoltaic power stations

Firon B 400

thermally bonded filter nonwoven
weight: 400 g/m2
thickness: 30 mm
width: 1800 mm
length: 18 m


Firon G 460

thermally bonded filter nonwoven with melted layer
weight: 460 g/m2
thickness: 13 mm
width: 1800 mm
length: 18 m

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