In 1879 the hatter Josef Frind purchased the ground and an industrial building in Decin-Podmokly and established a felt factory Filzfabrik Frind. As the first in the Czech Republic introduces production of felt polishing and grinding wheels, and founds tradition that develops up to now.Company’s further growth is then followed with product portfolio’s extension primarily for footwear industry – felt insoles. In 1945 the company passed under the government control and became the part of the state-owned enterprise Mitop. Named „factory 4“ was its part until 1991 when NETEX was established.


1879 Josef Frind establishes felt factory called Filzfabrik Frind.
1945 Filzfabrik Frind passes under state control.
1948 Filzfabrik Frind is incorporated in the newly founded national company Mitop.
1958 The beginning of construction of a new manufacturing plant, including the production of nonwovens.
1961 The production in new plant starts.
1990 Separation from Mitop, production plant Netex is created.
1991 The privatization of the manufacturing plant in Děčín followed by establishment of private company NETEX, spol. s r.o. continuing its activity within the current production program – technical wool felt and nonwovens. The new production technology of thermally-bonded nonwoven Struto is introduced progressively.
2011 Current owners take over the company.