Technical felt (wool felt) is made of different types or mixtures of wool, animal hair, or other secondary raw materials using traditional manufacturing technology.Wool fibers are processed into the fibrous web which is felted by the action of high humidity, temperature and pressure and then made denser in fulling machines. Felt sheets in standard size of 1000 × 1000 mm and felt wheels with a maximum diameter of 500 mm are manufactured in various thicknesses and densities. At the customer’s request can also be delivered shaped products, eg. felt discs, lenses, cones, applicators, plugs etc.Felt is an excellent insulation material, absorbs shocks, vibrations and noise. Its application therefore is in mechanical engineering, automotive and construction.


  • wheels for polishing and grinding (glass, metal, stone)
  • plugs and pads for cleaning and lubrication (pipes, wires, weapons)
  • plugs and pads for coating (window profiles lamination)
  • insulation (construction)
  • damping (vibration and noise, damping pads for furniture)