Felt wheels

Felt wheels are manufactured in various sizes and
densities using technology of fulling or cutting from felt sheets.
The central hole can also be made according to customer’s specification.

  • diameter: 10–500 mm
  • thickness: 10–80 mm
  • density: 0,40–0,75 g/cm3


  • for both circumferential and flat grinding and polishing (metal, glass, jewellery)
  • grinding with glued on abrasives
  • cleaning, lubrication and vibration absorption (welding wires)
  • cleaning (steel pipes)


100% carbonised wool
very fine wheel

Plstěný kotouč K2Velmi jemný vlněný kotouč K2


100% carbonised and washed wool
fine wheel

Plstěný kotouč K3Jemný vlněný kotouč K3


mixture of washed wool and animal hairs
rough wheel

Plstěný kotouč K7Hrubý chlupový kotouč K7
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